Zest Safety

Zest Safety
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With slip resistance that’s second to none, and a versatile business shoe look, Zest Safety is the ultimate executive safety shoe! Packed with stability features from the heel through to the midfoot, cushioned and durable for the toughest shift.
-E: Energy Absorption
Superior shock absorption under the heel. See 'Cushioning' below for more details.
-HRO: Resistant to Hot Contact (300ºC)
Ideal for people occasionally stepping on hot surfaces/objects while working.
-SRC: Slip Resistant with Oil on Metal, and with Water on Tiles
Provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent a fall when working on a low friction surface such as oil spilled on metal, or on soapy wet tiles. This is the highest level of slip resistance.
-Safety Toe 1.5 ton Compression
Protects toes by providing a minimum clearance when something runs over them.
-Safety Toe 200 Joules Impact
Protects toes by providing a minimum clearance when a large object falls on it.

Achieves the highest slip resistance rating (water on tile and oil on metal).

-Arch Support Insole (BUNGEE)
Arch support insole with increased arch support and more cushioning. Removable, and so able to be replaced with orthotics if needed.
Provides great energy return over a long period, so that the spring stays in your step no matter how far you walk or run.

-CRIB Midfoot Stabiliser
Supports the arch area of the foot (midfoot), and reduces stress on the ligaments that often cause fatigue and pain.
-Thermoplastic Heel Counter
Supports the ankle and holds the heel firmly in place, providing excellent stability when the foot first strikes the ground. A firm heel counter is essential for fundamental support and stability.

-Full Grain Leather
Hard wearing and breathable, becoming richer and deeper with wear, molding and adapting to your foot like no other material. Resistant to high temperatures, resistant to tearing, cracking, and peeling. It’s naturally insulating, but also breathable.
US Size: 788.599.51010.51111.51213
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