Adela 2 Womens

Adela 2 Womens
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Engineered with minimal internal elevation from the forefoot to heel, Adela is the high heel Mary Jane you have without the problems associated with a raised heel. An original internal nylon stabiliser system gives Adela ample stability, and 3 layers of cushioning deliver unparalleled comfort.
'Sports Shoes in Disguise'
Australasian Podiatry Council (APodC) Endorsed
-Arch Support Insole (EVA)
Arch support and pronation control. Removable, making the shoe suitable for orthotics. Also promotes airflow under the foot during activity.
Soft, lightweight cushioning that absorbs impact shock.
Cushions and absorbs shock that over time causes bone and muscle trauma.

-Heel Stabiliser
Additional heel stability and ?'hold'? around the base of the heel. The Adela style has an extended heel stabilizer, providing additional medial stability for over-pronators.
-Nylon Shank
Supports the arch area of the foot, and prevents the shoe from bending in the wrong place (in the middle of the shoe). The shoe should naturally bend across the joints in the forefoot region.
-Thermoplastic Heel Counter
Supports the ankle and holds the heel firmly in place, providing excellent stability when the foot first strikes the ground. A firm heel counter is essential for fundamental support and stability.

-Double Black Full Grain Leather
Have you had black shoes that have scuffed the surface and a grey colour shows through? DOUBLE BLACK leather prevents this. Surface scuffs are invisible with DOUBLE BLACK. Full grain leather is hard wearing and breathable, becoming richer and deeper with wear, molding and adapting to your foot like no other material. Resistant to high temperatures, resistant to tearing, cracking, and peeling. It'?s naturally insulating, but also breathable.

US Size: 77.588.599.51010.511
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