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Denstock was established in 1986 and has been bringing Hi-Tec footwear to New Zealanders ever since.

Magnum was added to the range from 1982 following the development of this tactical range of footwear by Hi-Tec. Over the years Denstock has expanded its product range which today includes Ascent footwear, Spenco and Fifty Fifty bottles.

At Denstock we take pride in delivering quality products with a personal commitment to service and support.

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69 Kennaway Road
Christchurch 8023

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PO Box 2458
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

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Phone: 03 343 2037
Email: sales@denstock.co.nz


Denstock has enjoyed a strong relationship with Hi-Tec since 1986. Denstock has regular input into the design and development of Hi-Tec products and ranges.
The Hi-Tec brand was founded in 1974 by the current chairman of Hi-Tec Sports Frank Van Wezel. Born in Vlissingen, The Netherlands, Frank’s success began early on in life. He graduated with honours from Nyenrode Business University, Amsterdam.  After completing his National Service obligations as a Lieutenant in the Dutch Air Force Frank worked and studied in London and Paris before moving to East Africa where he lived for 10 years.
On his return from East Africa Frank moved to Essex in England where his love of Squash and Tennis led to his involvement in the sports shoe industry and the introduction of the first specialist Squash shoe. The introduction of specialist squash and tennis shoes  led to the establishment of Hi-Tec Sports PLC.
Now over 40 years on Hi-Tec Sports is recognised  worldwide as a leader  in sports and outdoor footwear. Today Hi-Tec is distributed  in approximately 85 countries,  employs approximately 400 employees and generates global sales in excess of US$ 250 million.  


Through the association with Hi Tec Denstock has been involved with Magnum since its inception in 1982. As with Hi-Tec Denstock is involved with Magnum product development and enhancement.

Magnum was born in 1982 through demand for lightweight athletically built black tactical boots from the FBI training centre in Virginia USA. Officers had been wearing the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Hiking Boot but wanted a black, hightop version so Hi-Tec developed a tactical boot constructed using sports shoe materials.

Since 1990 from being established in the USA market the Magnum range has been developed to cater for the global demand for uniform footwear to meet the different requirements of military, police and emergency services around the world.

From 2002 Magnum has operated as a stand alone brand separate from Hi-Tec with its own dedicated design and development teams. Today Magnum is sold into 80 countries around the world for Law Enforcement, Military, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue professionals.

Magnum Lightweight Athletic comfort yet built like a battleship


Ascent was founded in Australia in 2002 and has revolutionized school shoes, work shoes and now safety boots by engineering them with athletic shoe technology.
Ascent take a special interest in developing footwear specifically for the unique Australian environment and particularly the wellbeing of growing families.

Ascent footwear is designed to fit the typical Australian and New Zealand foot, which is broader at the forefoot and narrower at the heel compared with the global average.
Ascent footwear is biomechanically engineered with essential durability, cushioning and support. Only proven technologies are utilized so that the optimum benefits are achieved for the price.

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